Tuesday, April 26, 2011

9th Planet

Someone shared this on the Parent's Forum in WP... and I thought I'd share it here... it sounds like a good thing.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I spent most of my time at mom's beading with her and having a fun creative time. I just thought I'd share my pretties.
Over all, I would say I had a pretty productive weekend! LOL
I made these a while ago... but thought I'd add them.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Talk Thursday- Time Has Come Today..... a little late..

Spring is showing it's bright eyes.. and I am drawn to dig out my summertime feel good music. Yes, music can be very seasonal for me. For those of you that don't know me well, I find a well done remake orgasmic. Love them.

To be honest... I don't find the Ramones version of this song any better than the original, I just didn't know the song, so looking for blogging inspiration I searched it up and found this cover.

There are good covers that totally change the feeling of the song... Like Fatboy Slim's cover of The Joker or this cover of Dexys Midnight Runners "Come on Eileen" is a prime example of Cover Heaven!

 I am a Sublime fanatic, so I would be remiss to not add my absolute favorite Sublime cover, though there are many good ones... Uggg now I'm thinking of them all and having a hard time picking.. "Santeria", but right now... my FAVORITE Sublime song happens to be Scarlet Begonias.

 I just discovered that a song that I WAY love, that I thought was covered by Sublime, is in fact NOT Sublime... So here it goes, Murder One's great cover of a great Bob Marley song.
For some strange reason, I get a kick out of punk covers of 60's and 70's songs.

Of course, I could go on FOREVER and ever and ever............... so much great music out there. So much I haven't mentioned... but I will end with two excellent covers, that can't be beat. Definite winners in any cover war.

And though I love most of Metallica's Garage Inc it's a real toss up to the best covers on it. "Tuesday's Gone", "Whiskey In The Jar", "Turn the Page", and "Sabbra Cadabra" are AWESOME.. but my fav is their cover of Nick Cave's Loverman!!!

 Ohhhhhh I just thought of one more great cover!!!

Hmmmm just want to say... Wednesday night... James Durbin did an amazing cover of Muse's Uprising!

Ok... Really done... I listened to all of these songs while posting this.. You should too!
Also, a lot of these songs don't have official videos, so please excuse the boredom of others and my selection of their videos.. I often went for song quality, not video content. ~Kisses

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Talk Thursday: Wants, Needs, Must (Dos)

I've been very bad lately.

I have not been doing any of the things I Need to do, have become overly immersed in what I Want to do, and barely keeping up with the Must Do's.

I've spoken before about Wrong Planet, an autism based web-community that I stumbled across one day. Well, I finally looked outside of the parent's forum... and ..... found a religion, politics, and philosophy forum. OMG.. I can debate religion every day with people who want to do the same!

I occasionally get sucked into the stupid/piss-me-off threads such as 'Why should government-based healthcare pay for lap-band procedure for the fat and lazy?" Yes, those are the threads that make me want to track a poster down and punch them in the face. Repeatedly.

I'm rather entertained by some... Ok... check this out.... LOL This is in a thread about the increase in catastrophic earthquakes being a sign that The End Of Times is Upon Us.

XXXX wrote:
Given one factor for the end of the world as we know it in the last sixty years, I think it might have been the introduction of the "pill" in 1960. It started a massive cultural revolution, more reality shattering than any earthquake we have experienced.

Not saying it was a bad thing, but I think we have a different world because of it.
XXX Replied:
I just remembered something...

Was it last year or the year before when there was a number of women celebrating "Boobquake" day? Remember that??? Apparently a Moslem cleric over in Iran or somewhere declared that promiscuous women, particularly women who dressed immodestly, were the cause of earthquakes. In reaction, women started showing a little extra cleavage to see if it would indeed cause earthquakes.

It might have taken a while. The earthquakes in Japan and elsewhere as well as the tsunami and nuclear disaster were probably inevitable--but there is little doubt in my mind that the "Boobquake" day very likely accelerated the events of this year and other recent events. Thoughts???

Seriously??? My thought is that this line of thought is NUTS!! and... it kinda made me wish I wasn't fat, cuz I'd go around topless for a few days to see if I caused an earthquake.Yeeeee!

I did, however, get 5 loads of laundry done today.. which now waits on my bed to be folded... and I'm sitting here at 12:42am... trying to find anything to do but THAT! Unfortunately, it really falls into the MUST DO category. *sigh* I will have to sleep eventually.
I keep trying to do the dream Talk Thursday... but I keep forgetting them! I'll wake up and be like "oooh, that's a good one," but by the time I get a little coffee in me and can sit down to write... it's gone...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Think I'm Gonna Harf!

Burp vaguely said he had a tummy ache before going to bed..

An hour later he barfed gloriously over the side of his bed.

I need a shop vac and a carpet cleaner... the older he gets, the weaker my stomach gets.

Cleaning a big stinking pile of vomit with just a dust pan for scooping and towels and wash clothes while concentrating on not breathing or yakking yourself, NOT FUN!...

We just did this a month ago. Then the month before that... I'm sick of puke!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Opinions Wanted

I know this isn't a forum.. but I'd like to hear opinions and reasonings...

Do you feel that insurance (especially government sponsored) should quit covering lung cancer treatment *for smokers*? or COPD treatments?

I do have to state that I am a smoker, so my thoughts might be tainted.

1) I pay taxes, plus cigarette tax.

2) I think that if you exclude smokers from covering related treatment... You also need to exclude..

-Gastric by-pass and the like..
-Treatment for other addiction related illness.. alcoholic hepatitis, pancreatitis, kidney failure..etc...
-Diabetic care for those who don't take care of themselves

And if you want to get really crazy and ridiculous, STD treatment unless you were raped.

I don't really believe in any of these.. I'm just making a statement. Healthcare is healthcare... Smokers aren't the only people who cause their own illness and whose treatment is expensive.

What are your thoughts?

*added specification.. guess I missed it in the original proof read... sorry*

Friday, April 1, 2011

Things Coming Together.. and I Got a DATE!!!!

So yesterday, I finally got to see some things pay off.

Burp and I have devised a way for him to multiply, since he can't seem to remember times tables.
I give him a problem, like 3 x 8 = ?
And on his little white board, he writes the problem, then draws 8 circles.
Then inside each circle, he writes his count-by 3's.  3,6,9 etc. to fill each circle.
If he can't use the count-by's, then he can make tally marks in each circle.
Example... he has managed to memorize that 7 x 7 = 49... but has no clue what 7 x 8 is.. so he writes out
7 x 7 = 49 + and a circle that he can put 7 more tally marks in. (I picked the circle so he could get that multiplication is dealing with groups of numbers)
He seems to get this system.

I told him that I would talk to his teacher and see if he could take a white board to class. He said, "Well, mom. We have white boards... we just aren't allowed to use them all the time."
And I told him we'd get that changed. Which turned into an argument about "But it's the rules..." How do you tell your kid that an IEP means rules can be broken... without inviting a "rules don't apply to me" attitude??... So I didn't go there... I was just like, "You watch Mommy work her magic babe!"

She has agreed! She was actually very receptive to my request. Which I'm ecstatic about, but also kind of sad that he's had a white board in class all year and she never noticed that it helped him. We also vaguely talked about taking him out of main stream math. Which I'm not opposed to. I think "special ed" math isn't such a bad idea for him... or even no formal math at school, but for them to send it home and for us to do it on our own (but I don't know if they'll go for that).

Second... when I requested a new IEP meeting citing that 1) I am concerned about Burp's situation in math, and 2) I would like him to have Unscheduled sensory breaks, stating that scheduled breaks don't teach him to recognize and address when he is having stress-related issues, plus don't do anything to address the times that he really needs them. I also pointed out that I was ... unhappy.. that he got a referral for getting out of his seat and talking during a state assessment. I understand that it's against the rules.. but REALLY? That's basically giving him a referral because he's an Aspie with ADHD. He should have been sent from the room for a few minutes. Now he's terrified of getting another referral cuz he doesn't want to get expelled.... But anyway, the woman I spoke to, later found out she was the new vice principle, said that they don't really do unscheduled sensory breaks and I should feel fortunate because a lot of schools don't do any sort of sensory breaks.... I called her on her bullshit because Burp has a friend at that school that has unscheduled sensory breaks.

So I'm still waiting for that meeting to be scheduled.. But, I asked Burps teacher if he could take a coloring book to school. At home, he uses this activity as a destressor and he told me that another girl in class gets to color during free time. So I asked. AGAIN.. His teacher was super supportive. I explained to her that he had some educational coloring books in his special interest areas (hoping to deter the thought that a main stream cartoon coloring book might be disruptive to others...) and she said yes. I asked if she could make a list of the "rules" for his coloring.. when, where, etc... as I'd told him it was her classroom and she gets to make the rules.. And she said no prob... actually, she was planning to make a packet for him to keep in the hall (which is a HUGE common area with tables and such that all the classes in that wing open into) that would hold his coloring book and crayons and that he would be allowed to excuse himself when he felt overwhelmed and go out into the common area and color for a few minutes..
OMG!!!!! Sounds like an unscheduled, self-imposed sensory break to me!!

So, YAY! I can't even tell you how excited I am by these little breakthroughs.

Next, I had never thought to look for a book that explained to Burp about Asperger's. I knew there were books for me..  but him? DUH!!! I know..
So a couple of days ago I ordered a few, and the first just got here... "All Cat's Have Asperger's Syndrome". He hasn't looked at it yet, and not all of it applies to him.. but I think it will open the doorway for questions.. And questions are good.

ALSO.. my mom called me yesterday to tell me about a show that's being put on tonight at the Eugene Hult Center that is called "Land of Oz" being put on by the Bridgeway House. Apparently it's a show about autism put on by autistic children and adults from our area. I showed the Hult Center info page to Burp, and he was instantly excited.

So, I have a date with my squid tonight... He doesn't know it, but I'm going to take him to Chinese food, then we will go see Land of Oz.

Yesterday, his friend Gamerboy was over..... they were, DUH, playing video games.. But I found out from his mom that he as another special interest besides video games.... inventions. So I was looking around on line and telling the boys, "Hey, did you know that they think Einstein was autistic?", "Isaac Newton?" to which Gamerboy corrected me, "SIR Isaac Newton.. he discovered the theory of gravity......", Mozart, Emily Dickinson,  Thomas Jefferson, Michelangelo, Darwin, VINCENT VAN GOGH.. which got Burp's attention. There is this bright light that comes into Burp's eyes when he realizes that there have been very important people who had issues just like him. He seems proud and amazed. THAT is a good thing.

Anyway, I have some junk that needs to get done before my hot date tonight...
Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!