Friday, July 15, 2011

HOLY CRAP COOKIES... Michelle Obama!

Remember several months ago I wrote my email to the First Lady, disgruntled over the American education system... I got an email back...

Dear Psam:

Thank you for sharing your views with me.  I am always so encouraged to hear from Americans who are interested and engaged in the democratic process, and I hope you continue to stay involved in these important national discussions in the months and years to come.
As our country faces tough challenges, please know that the President and this Administration are working hard every day to move our country forward.  Although we have made enormous progress, there is much left to do-and we need your help.  Your engagement is vital, so I urge you to stay involved in your community and in civic life.  To learn more about the President's agenda and the latest news from the White House, please visit

Again, thank you for writing.  I wish you all the best.


Michelle Obama

At the time, I sent one to the head of education, and one to the First Lady. I got a response from the Director, or whatever that position is, within a week or so, basically saying, "Hey Moron, this is a republic. The States control the education process." Of course, Mrs. First Lady didn't really address any of my concerns, but well, maybe she at least read it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OMG... So In Love....

"In the still of the night
I held you, held you tight,
Cuz I love, love you so,
Promise I'll never let you go..."

Ok... I'm in lust.
Deep, wet, sticky lust.

Talk Thusday: Next Time I'm President

Wooohooooo!!! This is the topic for me!

Not that I'll ever be President, but wow, where to even start?

I often get flack because I'm not so opposed to Communism, in theory. I've even been called a Socialist. I guess the best way for me to state my thoughts in that arena is with this; how horrid is it that we have a housing crisis in which people's homes are being foreclosed on, tons of homes lying vacant, and still have a homeless population? This just seems retarded to me. Totally fucked up. All because people want to make a buck.

I don't really feel that capitalism has worked for us. Don't get me wrong, communism and socialism have one major failing, they don't necessarily give people a clear road to the top, but I think that an uncorrupted communistic or socialist system keeps more people from being stranded at the bottom. Perhaps there is an economic system which is somewhere in the middle. If there is, I don't know the name for it.

My mama always said, "Nothing in this life is free." Unfortunately, in the US, I've some to find most aren't raised with this philosophy. People, especially those at the bottom, seem to feel they're owed something. We have generations of Welfare recipients who feel that using Welfare as your main income is the American way. Perhaps that's what it's become....

Americans bitch that we don't have socialized medicine, that we don't have free secondary education, but they aren't willing to pay the price for "free". No one wants to give the government "more control", no one wants to pay extra taxes. I find it hilarious that people fear "government control" of the medical community, yet hold their breath for the day their Medicare kicks in. What do they think Medicare is? Do you think it's right that the CEO of a company that owns 50+ US hospitals makes $7,584,981 a year while the staffing at his hospitals are cut and work with skeleton crews because they will not allow overtime to fill shifts? Does it seem right that the year I was laid off to save money, he received a 20% raise? Do you think it's right that medical costs keep rising, though Medicare and Medicaid only reimburse a fraction of what those without government insurance pay? How does that happen? The government can cap what they can be charged. Who pays the difference? EVERYONE ELSE! How do you stop that from happening? Make all insurance government controlled! How does the government pay for that? TAXES! Do Americans want to pay more taxes? Hell no.


How do countries like Australia manage a "free secondary education"?... well, it really isn't free, that's how. They pay it back. Their wages are garnished after they graduate, at something like 50%.. until it's paid back. Would Americans go for that? HELL NO... Free should be free damn it!!.
How does Australia handle a Medicare-like system that gives all of it's citizens "free" medical??? It isn't really free. They pay out-of-pocket for their medical and prescriptions and then get reimbursed for part or all of it. Gosh, I wonder how much that cuts down on abuse of their system.... I bet quite a bit.

We are in the midst of a huge global financial crisis, which I don't understand... I mean, money has value because we give it value. Everyone owes everyone money, and everyone is in debt. It seems to me, that a majority of these debts should cancel each other out. Our government bailed out tons of big corporations to save them from bankruptcy. Just handed out money that they didn't really have. This isn't a popular opinion, but I think that the government should then OWN those companies.

Something like 20 years ago, a math teacher of mine gave an assignment to the class, "Solve the current problem of homelessness in the US". My proposition was to select companies that ship most of their jobs overseas and have them enter into a partnership with the government. Build facilities for manufacture and housing. Round up the homeless, offer them housing and jobs, and teach them skills. Not saying this is a perfect plan, but it's an idea.

How about the Welfare or Unemployment recipients who are not working, are not looking for work, and have been living in they system for years? Make them work for their benefits and don't penalize them for doing so. If you are a recipient, you have become a government employee. I don't care if it's Litter Patrol or an aide at your child's school. Mom's can't work because they've got 4 kids and no childcare? Build childcare facilities and employ some of these people to run it to watch the children.

There are plenty of things that can be done, that aren't being done. Plenty of "jobs" to keep people off their sofas (or the streets) and earning their way.

While messing with the Welfare system, I would mess a little more. I would go back to a voucher system, but more like the WIC program. Unfortunately, our current system does nothing to ensure quality of diet or even wise spending. People argue that they should be able to buy the groceries that they want... Well, you can.. Get a job and spend your earning on groceries. I'm not trying to be cold, but I hate it when I see people spending their food stamps on shit food and soda... or expensive steaks for the first half of the month and their kids live on peanut butter and Ramen the last half of the month.

I am also not opposed to what Florida is trying to pass, drug testing for recipients. I, however, feel that this should not be a roadblock to benefits but a stepping stone to treatment.

I'm an advocate for government sanctioned breeding. I think too many ppl who have no business breeding at all. I think at puberty everyone should be put on chemical sterilization and sometime time about 23ish tested and those too stupid to live,or seem to have no motivation in life, should just be kept on the sterilization chemicals. Implant, injection, I don't care. AND before anyone be allowed to procreate, they should either have to pass a Qualified Parenting test, or attend and pass parenting classes. Fuck the idea that parenting is a human right.

I would pull back on our military interests. I was kind of hoping Clinton would become President. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen with the military. Women fight different. Women fight dirty. Women fight to win. I would beef up special ops forces and fight damn near everything on the down low. Much like Bill did in his presidency. If we occupy another country, we get compensated for it.. No more bailing out oil countries and footing the bill. No more being the world police. Aide NATO and the UN, sure, but I would pull way back. No more "humanitarian" efforts without it being a NATO or UN action.

There are many things within the government itself which needs to change. I would want to cap the number of terms for the Senate and Representatives and increase the number of terms for the Presidency. Though, this could be both good and bad. Look at the good Bill did in 8 years, look at the bad Bush jr did in 8 years. Obama can't fix it in 4, probably not 8 if he gets reelected. I bet Bill could have. I want a bumper sticker that reads "Blowjobs Can Save The World".
I would reclaim Clinton's line-item veto. I would do my best to outlaw special interest tag-ons to legislature. In general, try to clean up and streamline our government. There's simply too much bullshit.

Too much bullshit.

Does anyone seriously believe that Obama would have made it through the race for the presidency if their was any valid question as to his nationality? Do you really think the Republicans didn't dig and dig on this one? To have won and be in this third year as President, and to have this question still being debated is the epitome of retarded. Do the puppets not realize that this is just a ploy to muddy the waters? It should be a crime. To have people questioning his religious standing, should be a fucking crime. I think if a black Muslim lesbian ever ran for president, I would vote for her on principle, for spite, whatever you want to call it. If I were to be elected president, I might just makes some shit up like that to piss ppl off. "I'm 1/36th black, an atheist, and I love the pussy!!" Just for shits and giggles.

But I'm a bitch like that, and lucky for you... will never run for president.