Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Day Of Firsts!

Today... Burp earned his FIRST 100%!!!!!
Which was rewarded with his FIRST 4 SCOOP BOWL OF ICE CREAM!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Talk Thursday: Simplicity

This is what I long for most in life. What seems the hardest to obtain.

Nothing is more relaxing than a good cup of inexpensive, yet environmentally-responsible, coffee brewed with a pinch of cinnamon and softened with a splash of my favorite white chocolate macadamia nut creamer lazily sipped as I snuggle in my chair engrossed in whichever book has captivated me for the moment. Unfortunately, one can't spend her entire life with her nose between the pages ignoring the rest of the world. Damn it!

I long for more good friendships, or maybe just fewer soul-sucking friendships that only seem viable when I'm the one offering support, advice, and comfort.

I long for the days when an impersonal, enlightening, intellectual conversation wasn't a rare occasion used only to spark an argument by someone in need of a little drama.

I long for some companions that are not so blinded by, or comfortable in the blankets of ignorance that they happily swaddle themselves in.

When I say, "No, at some point, when you weren't looking... Humanity evolved and left you in the dust..."
And they respond, "I don't believe in evolution.." That they could understand the double-edged stupidity of that statement. I wish I could stop being astounded by it.

For that matter, I miss having companions who could understand a not-so complex, thinly veiled insult when one was directed at them.

If I could live in simplicity, even for just a little while, it would be bottomless cups of coffee, good friends who call or stop by just to say "hi" or make to me laugh, maybe make me think a little. It would be great to have a regular, set, work schedule where I could just go to work and do my work and not have inter-personal dramas. Pay my bills without worry. I'd like to give my son everything he needs and a little of the stuff he just wants.

I don't ask for perfection, imperfection is what makes us value and appreciate life. I don't ask for overabundance, but a little breathing room would be nice. A period of smooth sailing, in which the only storms that crash and rage can be enjoyed from the dry side of a window.... would be greatly appreciated.

I feel like I've had a lot of crappy years, end on end... Maybe I'm whining, or being self absorbed, but I think I've had more than my fair share.

Maybe this is my year...

The Year of Simplicity.