Saturday, August 31, 2013

So... I'm Sure You Think I DIED!!

I didn't.

I'm sure you think I quit blogging.. I uhhhhh didn't.

While my mother and my bff know where I've been, I'm not so in-your-face with the rest of the world... So.... I'm gonna tell you.

I've spent the last year on a BDSM site, and I blog there.

For quite a while, I've been wanting to cross post a few of my pieces, cuz YO! I'm a funny ass bitch and I write some good shit.

So.. there might be some taboo-ish stuff being posted here. My mom reads my blog so there will be no in-depth dialogues about my (non-existant) sex life.. But some ideas and thoughts might not be so mainstream.

That said, I'm going to post something that I wrote the other day, and it has been X-posted to Tandi's "Dear Fucktards" blog (She even added some cool pix and spruced it up and made it sexy) So I'm a start you guys off with that.

~ Smoochies


Sandra Fowler said...

Dude your mom knows? Is she going to end me for introducing you to BDSM?

Psamanthe said...

I think it was given away when I was 18/19 and told my mom, "If they ever find me strangled to death in bed, check to make sure there isn't a smile on my face."

She says that was the last time I had the ability to shock her. Not that I don't still try. Frequently. It's kinna become a game.

She knows I'm a masochist. She knows I'm a submissive. Does she know the whole babygirl/Daddy dynamic? She will when she reads this comment. She knows she can always ask me questions.

You didn't introduce me to my BDSM, you introduced me to my community. And I thank you.