Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where The Hell Am I???

Ever feel like the curtains have been ripped back and you suddenly find yourself wondering where we are and how we got here?

My iGoogle has a CNN section. It only gives me three headlines. When I saw "Missouri Police Find Body of Missing Boy". I clicked it, thinking this was Baby Sky, little Jhessye Shockley, or Baby Kate. It wasn't. This is a wholly different missing child.

At the bottom of that article, I saw the link to "Body Found in Search for Missing Virginia Beach Baby".
which led to..
"Two Nebraska children found in kennel"
and on. Each horrible story leading to links for more horrible stories.

"Body found during search for missing 10-year-old in Texas"
"Body Found in Investigation of Utah Babysitter's Disappearance"
"Tennessee Woman Indicted in Deaths of Infant Twins"
"Man Allegedly Caught on Tape Swinging Baby By Neck With Blanket."

They go on and on and on... Stories of bodies found, children missing, children abused. Though I realize not all of these stories are from today, or even this week, I can't help but feel that things are out of control. What is going on? What is happening to us?

 "Parents arrested after giving away Toddler" This one, I have a problem with. I don't know the whole story, only what was written in this article, but it seems to me the parents did the right thing. It seems to me that the headline is misleading. The parents were junkies and gave a neighbor temporary custody of the child while supposedly getting clean. If this is true, and if the child hadn't been abused and in danger before the exchange of physical custody, then I actually commend these people for making a good choice. (Though they certainly should have given up the dog too.) I just can't help thinking about those commercials from when I was a kid.

Sure. They let themselves get to that point. They didn't choose to get help sooner. But, if this story is what really happened, then they finally made a good decision. They shouldn't be punished for that. If this had been a family member who took the child, there wouldn't be charges filed...... Not everyone has family that is in a better, more stable situation than they are. Sometimes, you take help from where ever it's offered.

For me, the next logical jump is to Mississippi. Last week, the world held it's breath as the citizens of Mississippi voted on the definition of "personhood".... a vote that on the surface just seems absurd, but hiding in the folds were the implied possibilities to disrupt a woman's right to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy or possibly seek assistance with fertilization.

The bill didn't pass. *bitter laugh* Don't think that means the great people of Personhood USA are finished. No.......... They've only just begun. There are plans for 9 other states to have similar bills in the upcoming 2012 elections. 9.... so far. What are the odds that it won't pass in at least one of those states? I mean, who'd have thought Bush Jr would win a re-election?
I started a post about this bill shortly before the election, and didn't get it finished. I think this is a great time to discuss the issue.

First, how can we vote on a word that is already defined?


1. the state or fact of being a person.
2. the state or fact of being an individual or having human characteristics and feelings: 
This law would define personhood as beginning at the moment of conception, forget that a fertilized egg takes about three days to implant and oh, about 23 week for any reasonable chance of viability. When you consider a fertilized egg, there is nothing about it that constitutes "being an individual" or "having human characteristics and feelings."

I get that some people hold that baby makin' is "a precious miracle" but, in truth, it's not.. It's fucking biology. Until that baby squirts out, it's a parasite. Some people claim that the fact that the fetus carries your DNA makes it some sort of symbiosis, but I find that a stretch and a fairly laughable argument. It is a parasite. And now, the highly educated Joe Blows of the US are going to vote (because they are soooo qualified) to decide what you can do with your parasites.

If your argument lies in the genes, all mammals have a genetic similarity of 92% or better. Chimps are 98% similar (imagine that... not that this gives any scientific credence to evolution or anything)... What if I decided to have a chimp embryo implanted so that I could give birth to my own chimp baby? The "genetic life code" between some apes and humans is 99.4%.. My son is 99.98% genetically similar to his father..  That's a difference of 0.58 %... if you have an 8 oz glass of water and pour 0.58% of straight ethanol alcohol into it... you're probably not going to taste or feel the difference. Mathematically insignificant.  0.0464 ounces. You'd ask the bartender for your money back.

So passing this fucked up law would not only negate the progress of Roe vs Wade, but also makes the use of some birth controls illegal, such as The Morning After pill or Plan B. Even for those against abortion, it brings up the question of what would happen to unused eggs left over from IVF treatments.

I just see how horribly out of control this whole thing could get. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Approximately 75% of those happen in the first trimester
*Here are some  more miscarriage info.
*And still some other important pregnancy facts.
 So what happens when a totally normal and truly spontaneous miscarriage happens, and under this law someone is prosecuted because someone else thought they caused their own miscarriage? Fall down the stairs? Sure you didn't throw yourself? Forget your prenatals more often than not? Maybe you had too much sex..... This all seems absurd, yes.. but so does calling a bunch of unattached cells a "person".

And so you're wondering.. How did we get here from the horror of children disappearing, being found murdered, and suspicious stories from parents? 

Maybe it's better if some people don't procreate. Maybe some are smart enough to know they shouldn't. Don't take away their options. An actual child, who thinks and feels and dreams, could end up dead. 

Then what have you saved?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting Hits

Ok.... so my most popular blog ever was "Sun, Moon, and Scars", posted like a year and a half ago. It was a well written post, I think, and continues to generate roughly 25% of my views. HOWEVER, I'm alarmed by the search words/phrases people have used to find me.

vagina piercings
crazy ass shit
piercing prince charles
ass shiting
random ass shit
omfg prepare your anus
"suspenders are hot"
ass with shit

and I'm trying to figure out how ANY of this has to do with ANYTHING I've posted. And............ seriously.... someone (I hope it's just one.. very dedicated searcher) has a very serious philia with poo....

Disturbing. Interesting!

I'm Not Crazy

For several years, various friends (that's right, not even enemies) have been trying to diagnose me.

I have been friend-diagnosed as psychotic, a sociopath, neurotic, Asperger's (not that I consider that a form of crazy - just sayin'), and told I have anger management issues. One, I manage my anger just fine. I verbalize it and don't act on it.. I call that managed. And because I can do that, I'm obviously not a sociopath. (I'd like to say that also disqualifies me on the psychotic stuff too, but I don't know if that's ACTUALLY the case. *shrug*)

I might be a bit neurotic. I do have anxiety and I can tend to be very insecure about certain things, which cranks up the volume on my anxiety, but if that's the definition of neurotic..... you got me.

I might be a bit spectrum. I seem to pass all the screening tests with flying colors, but I maintain that my son's counselor states that the simple fact that I broached the question to him "proves" that I'm not spectrum....... WTF does that even  mean? That doesn't feel like an answer to me, but perhaps my need to dissect that statement is indicative of my neurotic nature.

I have some issues (don't we all), I'm not in denial. I have some self confidence issues. I have some anxiety issues. I have some weird OCD-like tendencies (who doesn't) (I get it from my mother.. who probably gets it from her mother)(It's a family tradition).. I have some issues with "right and wrong"... not that my lines are blurred. I know the difference between right and wrong, and act accordingly (almost always). My issue seems to lie in knowledge. I can't leave an obviously wrong statement alone. I have to correct it. Or, if I'm not certain, but strongly question... I HAVE to look it up. It's a compulsion.(I blame my mother for the countless times she told me as a child, "Look it up".) It's not a need to prove anyone wrong, per se, but a driven need to stop the proliferation of senseless and incorrect ideas. (see that... I had to double check to make certain I wasn't using "proliferation" improperly.) I'm constantly double checking the dictionary and I google everything..

One of my friends on Facebook posted a need for a laugh, "Someone please tell me a joke"...
One of her friends posted this:
Thor was flying around a castle on his Pegasus saying, "I'm Thor! I'm Thor!" The King heard this from his tower and poked his head out the window and replied, " Well of course your thor thilly! Your riding without a thaddle!"
Hee hee- my all time favorite:)
One... I showed great restraint.. I did not flame her. I wanted to... soooooooooo badly, but I didn't. I know it's a joke. HOWEVER, it's hard for me to find the funny when my brain is exploding from the OBVIOUS jumbling of mythologies. Perseus rode Pegasus. (NOT Hercules as Disney would have you believe! and of course, not Thor.. though that seems stupid to point out.) Thor could run as fast as a horse, and when he didn't feel like doing that he had a chariot pulled by goats.(Goats! Whaaaa?? I know, right?) (Further proof of insecurity, I KNEW these 3 points, but googled each just to make sure that I was remembering correctly.) **I can't go without saying... In the times that Thor was an actively worshiped god, how many Norse castles (with towers) are we likely to find?? And.. "Your" ... should have been "You're" ... But slightly overlook-able simply because joke tradition is verbal. *sigh* (Also, a point for Asperger's.... religion/mythology has certainly been a "special interest" for me for ohhhhhhhh about 20 years... at least.) (Though this I also blame on my mother. Again, just sayin'.)

The point is.. I have issues. But I manage them. Therefore, I'm all good. I don't need a label to fit in... or do I?

Google's not going to help me on this one, is it?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterens Day.....................................

This is going to make me sound like a whore-faced bitch.
I find statements such as the one above insulting, to me and to the men and women who have served this nation. Before you blast me for being unpatriotic, let me explain.

I have great respect for those who give service to this country. I have great respect for those who've lost their lives giving service to this country. However, tell me exactly when the last time we had a military action that was directly protecting MY freedom. It wasn't in Libya, it wasn't Afghanistan, it wasn't Iraq.... either time. It wasn't in Rwanda, or Somalia. It wasn't in Vietnam.
There are certain responsibilities that come with being the biggest kid on the block. The right and just thing to do is protect those weaker than yourself.
"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and the needy." ~ Proverbs 31:8&9 (NIV)
Yes, I just quoted the Bible in a way that wasn't derogatory. Why, because it's a philosophy that everyone should have, no matter what faith you are. So hear me clearly, I'm not begrudging military actions in which we stepped in to ugly situations to protect the basic human rights, and FREEDOMS, of those who could not stand up for themselves.That is just. That is right. That is chivalry and valor. But people get confused. They turn it into a situation where I should be grateful for the protection of MY freedom. And I have to say, this is simply not true. 
In truth, our Armed Services protect my freedom everyday, by simply existing. The world knows that any action against the US will have swift and heavy repercussions. That, protects my freedom. Our freedom hasn't been seriously challenged in almost 70 years. I'm sure many people would argue "But 9-11!!!", which was probably the most heartbreaking day of my life. But that was terrorism. They didn't want to take over our country. They still don't. They want to fuck with our heads. They want to shank us on the playground. They want attention. They are disgruntled 3 year olds who run up and slap you and run away. (Not that it doesn't hurt... because the wound is very deep.)

So on this Veterans day, I'd like to give my thanks to those who have existed to deter those who might want to take my freedoms. To those who have actually fought to protect that freedom. To those who have fought to protect the rights and freedoms of peoples around the world who had no one else to fight for them.

We live in a world of greed and want, of power struggles and two-faced politicians who stand on their podiums and decry publicly the unjust conditions of squalor and violence around the globe and then, behind closed doors, greedily rub their hands together in anticipation of their wants. This has nothing to do with the troops that are actually deployed to carryout their orders, and THIS is what needs to be remembered.

It is not the "why"... and has little to do with the "how". I am thankful that men and women take that oath, not knowing what will be asked of them, who do it on blind faith that their leaders will commit them righteously.


In reviewing my music selection, I have to point out that (yes, I'm aware) my selections do have an anit-war message... But I think they also look at soldiers as individuals.... and that is my message.

Thank you!